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Social media expose almost every aspect of our lives: Facebook reports worldwide what we do, Twitter shows everyone what we read, Instagram globally spreads our pictures and video, LinkedIn reveals our professional interests etc. I believe that looking at variety of new things which came to existence thanks to social media can be a good source of inspiration. It isn’t difficult to guess that the collection “Selfie” was inspired by self-portraits of girls from social medias. I try to show that today’s human is absolutely addicted to social networks. Many online friends, millions of “likes” and thousands of followers make us feel superstars.

We are a narcissistic generation – “Generation MeMeMe”. We are very self-centered – we speak only about ourselves, we take pictures mostly of ourselves, we care too much about our social profile. Whereas I think we need to stop looking around and look into our inner world instead. There is incredible beauty in just being yourself.

All parts of collection are produced by me.

Photographer: Angelina Moskalenko
Make-up&Hair: Dara Dukhnovskaya
Model: Nastia Temp
Year of production – 2014

Girl with a heart

The girl jump in a long coat in body with heart, with big lips and a hoop star. The photo is from the album SelfieGirl in double-shoesGirl in a blue coatGirl in a wedding dress backGirl in a wedding dress front The girl with the big lips in the yellow long dress, in the green coat, decorated with the words "Look inside". The photo is from the album SelfieLook inside Be yourselfShoes with flowers

Please, share if you like my work!

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