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These illustrations were designed specifically for the International biennial contest of fashion-illustration IMAGO. I was a finalist of this contest and one of my work was presented in the framework of the Ukrainian fashion week ss2015. The topic of the contest was dedicated to the ballet performance on novel “The Great Gatsby” by F. Scott Fitzgerald. This performance combines the components of several kinds of art: classical ballet, contemporary dance and cinematography.

I wanted to follow this concept and displayed my interpretation of it. In my works I joined fashion design, poster elements and book illustrations. The idea of the collages meets the slogan: “We lost control!” Heroes of these illustrations as well as the characters of Fitzgerald’s novel lost control over their feelings playing with love like with clockwork toys. They lost control over money by arranging grandiose parties. All these happened because thoughts are not a subject of control when someone is in love.

Year of production – 2014

We lost control What is in your mind

Please, share if you like my work!

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