Welcome to my website!

My name is Daria Kryvokhyzha and I am a fashion designer and illustrator from Ukraine. I love to draw and design clothes. I spent many years working into the folder named «Works» in my computer. Only my friends and acquaintances were able to evaluate these works. As a creative person, whom I immodestly consider myself, I am seldom completely satisfied with my artwork. I always have feeling that something beautiful is to be created yet, and the present work is just a small step towards my future masterpiece.

At the beginning I used to draw only on paper, but a few years ago I was attracted by the possibilities of digital technologies. Editing software provides varieties of ways to express thoughts. With only one click it allows to find a perfect angle of inclination or change a color, while the same procedure on paper would take a significant amount of time. I think that this is an abyss of evil, because I just cannot stop improving my works! It seems that the ideal proportions and combinations have yet to be reached. There is always something to correct. Thus, it turns into endless series of edits. Moreover, when I accidentally find a work created years ago, I am always tempted to improve it as well and  the process of creation never ends. It is like a virtuous circle. Nevertheless, I  decided to stop :) and share my works with the world.

Thank you for your interest in my work!

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